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With the motto, “My Home, My Tree—The World and Me”, the nine amazing “green trees” add more oases to our “Go-Green” Plan.

The Magical Tree of the World—Moringa Hotel is just another masterpiece from the world-top designing master—Khuan Chew, who has given birth to the incomparable Dubai Burj Al Arab Hotel. Moringa will become another shining pearl set at the 18°N latitude.

The Luxurios Tree of the World—Moringa ensures you a superb art palace, along with eminent royal service.  Here, our hotel is the very resort designed just for you, our honored guests.

The Intelligent Tree of the World—Moringa cooperates with global professional organizations like IBM which rules the intelligence field. We devote ourselves to bring you the extraordinary experience with the global-top intelligent technology.  As our distinguished guests, you deserve the worthwhile high-tech as a massive cloud platform.

The Environmental Tree of the World—Moringa adds another oasis to the world.  Here, you could not only touch the luxury and greatness brought by technology, but also feel the peace and comfort given by nature.